Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Everyday hundreds of new blogs appear with the mission to make money online, but many newbie bloggers don’t know about how they can be a successful blogger.

Blogging is an easy job but maintaining your own blog is tough. Especially, when you are planning to make a living out of blogging, you need to take care of many things including :
  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Social Signals
  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Monetization

And many more. Always remember, a blog has no limit, a normal blog can be one of the biggest brands in the coming days.

Years back, ShoutMeLoud and TechCrunch used to be just another blog.

Is int it? So, let’s get it started:

Newbie Blogger tips to Excel in Blogging:

1. Do Blogging with Passion and Patience

Passion and Patience are like blogging buzzwords.

Always choose a niche for blogging about which you know and passionate to write. Blogging is not become rich within night scheme.

You will have to wait for the money and it will only come if you devise a proper strategy. If your goal is just to make money online, look at the other aspect of online marketing but not blogging.

2. Make Blogging Strategy

Make a schedule for blogging.

How many articles you will write in a day or a week and how much time you will spend on marketing your blog.

If you are planning to earn from your new blog, you need to treat it like a serious business. You need to be dedicated and passionate about it.

We have already discussed an effective business plan for bloggers and points to check before starting the blogging business.

3. Make a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Gone were the days when search engines were the only source of generating traffic. If you target social media biggies such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, then, you can get a handsome amount of traffic from them.

Sometimes, it can be much more than search engine traffic but keep in mind that it will not come easily. You will have to interact with people in Social Media in your niche and you will have to build a valuable relationship with them.

Also, Social media signals help in improving your site ranking. With right amount of social exposure, it’s easier to make a new site rank than an existing site.

We will discuss about ranking and SEO in some other post. For now, check out: Benefits of social media marketing in Blogging.

4. Make Link Building Strategy

Link building does matter when it comes to search engines. Make proper link building strategy and try to get more backlinks from the blogs in your niche especially the high domain authority blogs.

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5. Make Your Blog a Community

The environment of your blog should be such that when a new visitor comes to your blog, he should feel it as a community and become the part of it.

  • How to form a community out of your blog
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6. Make Good Relations with Niche Bloggers

Interact with other bloggers in your niche by commenting on their blogs and through social media. It will help you a lot because you can learn many things from them. You should also consider making an influencer marketing strategy for your blog. This would ensure your blog gets seen by right people in no time.

7. Write Unique Content

It is a well known in Blogging that “Content is King” and it surely is a king. Don’t try to copy content because ultimately you will be banned from search engines and no one likes to read copied content.

8. Always Reply to Comments

Another blogging tips that I could give you is, always Interact with your readers by replying to their comments. Readers usually love it when their comment is replied and they will come back and comment again.

9. Use Article Marketing

Write articles related to your niche in high PR article submission directories such as Tumblr,, LinkedIn with the backlink to your blog.

It will definitely increase your blog authority and your blog will rank well in search engines.

After Google penguin update and over optimization penalty, I highly recommend you to avoid low quality article marketing.  Rather, use my next tip which will help you to get more exposure.

10. Use Guest Posting

Try to write at least one article in a week to other blogs in your niche who offer you to write for their blogs. Guest posting on high traffic and high PR blogs is more beneficial as it will give you more exposure and quality backlinks.

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Additionally, I highly recommend you to read Harsh guide on crafting a guest blogging campaign. There, you can learn what all you should do to get maximum exposure and link benefits.

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